Our goal is to understand your working day

We are using this knowledge to create tomorrow’s range of professional liquid and salt spreading machines.

Ideal solutions for your tasks, no matter the terrain or situation

Towns, cities and the countryside are never simple landscapes. Roads and paths rise and fall, change widths, and their surfacing changes too. Efficient workflow therefore depends on your machines being able to deal with all of these differences. This is why Saltnex developed 12 liquid and salt spreader models, with more than 20 variants, which can support the differing work tasks you may face during the working day. Our design supports every kind of EU vehicle and leading mini tractor and compact tractor models.

We ensure that our machines “speak” with the rest of your machinery

We know that municipalities and other large organisations will typically use more than one make of machinery. This why we ensure that our products can function with the most standard types of tractors, platform trucks and trailers.

Ensure that your employees’ working day is easier and more efficient

The newly developed Saltnex computer system ensures a smooth working day. This means that, for example, when salting public roads, the system takes the width of the road and speed into consideration, as well as traffic lights, when the vehicle must stop. And this is great news for the environment and great news for your budget.

100% Danish family-owned company with international reach and expertise

Saltnex Aps was established in 2016 as part of the Randers Maskinfabrik Group, owned by three brothers – Bo, Mads and Ove Nielsen. All Saltnex machines are manufactured by Randers Maskinfabrik and are 100% Danish quality. We take pride in the fact that all materials and processing are high quality.

Hans Curt Nexgaard, who is also a project manager at Saltnex, designs the machines and has 15 years of experience gained at Epoke’s development department. This means that Hans Curt Nexgaard has extensive expertise in the industry and is considered one of the leading figures in the development of these types of machines in the EU.

All control units are supplied by Lykketronic – also a Danish company – with many years of experience in electronic solutions.