Salt and liquid spreader for electric cars

Saltnex model 7.4

Practical liquid and salt spreading for use with electric cars

Salt and liquid spreader system for electric cars comes with spreader that has its own circuit and power source via an internal battery with an independent battery charging function. It is therefore independent of the electric vehicle’s electrical system.
The white, transparent, compartmentalized tank makes it easy to assess how much liquid is left and ensures stable and safe operation since sloshing is avoided when driving around bends and when braking.
The CPU control system automatically adjusts speed and automatically stops and also collects data relating to consumption and location. This means that you can always review past data and document procedures and work done, should the need arise. This data is intended for management use and if required, for insurance cases.
There are also many optional extras that extend the machine’s scope of application. For example, a 12 m hose and hand lance can be purchased to deal with areas within 12 m of the work route that cannot be accessed directly by the vehicle.

  • Narrow walkways
  • Minor roads and open spaces
  • Pavements
  • Platforms
  • All areas that are difficult to reach
Optional extras
  • 12 m hose with hand lance
  • 1 m spreader boom
  • 1.3 m spreader boom
  • 1.8 m spreader boom
  • Flower watering kit

Permitted liquids

  • Salt solution, CMA or other Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified thawing agents
  • Mild detergents
  • Algicides

Technical information

  • Drive-dependent control
  • Nozzles mounted in stainless steel screen
  • Filling coupling
  • Side nozzles

If you would like to learn more about the product or if you are unsure about which model is best suited to meet your needs, then do not hesitate to contact us. See contact information.