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Saltnex model 7.9

Easy and effective mixing of brine

This mixer is available in two different sizes, 600 and 1000 litres. The mixer system consists of a large tank with mounted submersible pump and a three-way valve for adjusting the mixing or overpumping for the liquid spreader. A liquid scale lets you keep track of liquid levels. 

The salt solution you mix should contain between 20% and 22% salt. To check the salt content, place a drop of liquid on the refractometer and then read off the result next to the blue line. This will ensure your salt solution is correct.

  • Submersible pump 150 l/min.
  • Three-way valve
  • Refractometer
  • Pipettes
  • Filling coupling
  • Liquid scale
Technical information
  • Capacity of 600 or 1000 l
  • Unladen weight respectively 60 and 75 kg
  • Dimensions for 600 l: H: 100 cm, W: 80 cm, D: 120 cm
  • Dimensions for 1000 l: H: 115 cm, W: 100 cm, D: 120 cm